• School Wide Learner Outcomes
    Middle College High School Students Will Be...
    C-ollege and Career Ready
    H-ighly Effective Communicators
    S-ocially Responsible Citizens


    College and Career Ready

    Highly effective communicators

    Socially Responsible Citizens

    · take a proactive approach to their current academic pursuits and future goals

    · adapt to an increasingly complex and ever-changing world

    · Participate in extracurricular opportunities offered by our community stakeholders and local universities

    · dual enrollment in college courses starting in 9th grade

    · Graduate with at least 30 transferable college units or an AA Degree and/or a career ready certificate

    · Showing content mastery in their classes by maintaining a 3.0 GPA 

    · Succeed in rigorous courses by using critical thinking and higher order thinking strategies.

    · practice empathy and cultural awareness

    · articulate using academic language and an informed point of view

    · employ good listening skills

    · evaluate and successfully utilize forms of argument in both oral and written context

    · apply excellence, respect, courage, and integrity in interactions with others

    · take part in meaningful service within their communities

    · work cooperatively with diverse populations

    · use individual voice to advocate for the needs of all

    · act with a global consciousness

    · act ethically and take personal responsibility for actions

Last Modified on August 28, 2023