Mr. Lynd


         Shenandoah Lynd has worked in the Santa Ana Unified School District since 2000. Mr. Lynd is one of the teachers of SAUSD's unique HEART class at REACH Academy. The HEART class started in 2015. It was created by Mr. Lynd and his dear friend, Mr. Frank Haydis, who retired in 2021. Lynd now coteaches the HEART class with Mr. Andrew Ashford. HEART stands for Hope, Engage, Achieve, Restore, and Transition. By completing those five modules, students are given a chance to reflect upon their past choices and start fresh at REACH Academy. 

         Prior to HEART, Lynd worked at the Achievement Reinforcement Center (ARC) for 6 years. He has also worked at Lathrop Intermediate, Sepulveda Elementary, and Remington Elementary. In addition to being a teacher at SAUSD, he has also been a Literacy Coach and Outreach Consultant.

         Mr. Lynd earned his Associate in Arts degree in history at Golden West College. He then obtained his Bachelor of Arts in history, with a minor in philosophy at California State University, Fullerton. He also holds a Master of Arts in history from Cal State Fullerton (CSUF). Fully credentialed, he completed the teaching credential program at CSUF as well. Additionally, Mr. Lynd has been trained in restorative practices by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP).

         Mr. Lynd's teaching motto is, "There are no lost causes. I was one."
         If you would like to contact Mr. Lynd about HEART you can email him at shenandoah.lynd@sausd.us or you can call or text at 949.436.6160. You may also call the HEART room directly at 714.431.1830.

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