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    Environmental Science 621 Q3

    Hello Environmental Science students and parents and welcome to quarter 3 of the 2022-2023 academic year.
    This quarter we shall concentrate on water and our leading question is:
    Leading Question: What is the future for Orange County's water?

    What do you need to succeed in this course? Bring your curiosity and your desire to learn and grow. Increase your awareness of the environments around you, observe more carefully what surrounds you and browse the news for information about our environment and especially news related to water..

    You can find your class schedule on Aeries.  We will be using Canvas as our learning management system (LMS) for our course and I will give more information in class. I am really excited about starting our new quarter in which we will discuss Earth as a system and explore in detail the Hydrosphere and the Anthroposphere.  Help me make it both interesting and instructional; your questions are essential for a stimulating quarter.

    Below you can find the agenda (Planbook) for the course. Click on the double blue arrows to minimize the header.  You can go to the assignments directly from here but I would rather you first go to the Canvas Home Page to check for announcements.

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    If you have any questions, please e-mail me at marcus.mackenzie@sausdlearns.net