University Starts Now  
    The Mission of University Starts Now is to create a culture of higher academic  learning among all K-5 scholars, their families, and surrounding communities by instilling in them an awareness and motivation towards obtaining a four-year university degree. Recognizing that the school community inspires the highest level of academic commitment from its scholar population, its role is to provide them with the necessary information, resources, and materials so that all K-5 scholars demand higher levels of academic learning from themselves.  


    • Expose and motivate our Kindergarten—5th grade scholars to the different facets of a four-year university.
    • Have scholars recognize that their current academic performance sets the foundation for their future acceptance into a four-year university.
    • Instill in all scholars a sense of purpose for continuing their post-secondary education.
    • Identify the direct link between earning a four-year university degree and obtaining a professional career.
    • Provide annual campus visits to four-year universities.
    • Recognize the benefits of obtaining a four-year degree.
    • Understand the education requirements needed to gain acceptance to a four-year university.
    • Develop an awareness of the varying costs of a university education and the financial aid options available to students and their families.
    • Establish a network of the like minded parents who are motivated to have their child attend a four year university.
    "I am proud to be a scholar at King School. With the support of my teachers and family, I will work everyday to build my character and my skills in Reading, Writing and Math. I work every day to prepare for my future. I am important. I am smart. My teachers believe in me and I believe in myself. I know I am University BOUND!"