School Pride

  •                      Lowell Elementary

    History of Name
     James Russell Lowell
    One of the most imaginative American writer and poet, James Russell Lowell was born on February 22, 1819 in Cambridge, Mass.  He was an avid reader classic literature and graduated from Harvard university in 1838.  In 1844, began his career as a poet, editor, critic and reformer.  In 1857, he became editor of the New England authors who ushered in a golden era of American literature.  His works include 'Among My Books', 'My Study Windows', and Among My Books, Second Series.  He died on August 12, 1891. 
    Date Built and and/or Occupied
    James Russell Lowell School was first built in 1922.   However, on February 9, 1971, a 6 point earthquake hit Silmar, CA. Lowell elementary was seriously damaged, but was later rebuilt in 1973, where it now stands 
    School Mascot

    Lowell Lion

    Lowell Lions Love Learning!



    Lowell School Song

    Oh, Lowell is the name of our school.

    We love it as a learning tool.

    We fight for the right, with all our might.

    We try to do as we are told.

    For our colors are green and gold.

    By giving learning a try, as the time goes by, we'll remember why . . .

    FOREVER, forever, UNTIL WE SAY, until we say,

    Lowell, Lowell, Goodbye!


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