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Santa Ana
Unified School District
Duncan McCulloch, Principal
2301 West MacArthur Boulevard
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone: 714.241.5000
Fax: 714.241.5099

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Principal's Message

Greetings to the entire Segerstrom High School Community,


What happened to September?  As you can see we are quickly moving through the school year and looking forward to a successful school year with all the challenges it brings.  It seems like the greatest challenge is change.  Our school and SAUSD are going through an extraordinary period of transition, helping all of our kids to be academically competitive as we prepare students for their next journey in life.  Change does not come without some growing pains but as we move through this together and understand the future benefit to our students, it will be clear the advantages outweigh the working sacrifices.  Technology is leading this great change, talk to your students about the building of technology at our school and how it has impacted their classroom.  It is transforming our school and our lives and staying ahead of it is a monumental task.  As the state prepares a new round of standard based testing, it will exclusively be taken on some type of computer device, which is why we want to experience this now instead of waiting for the inevitable.  

Segerstrom is preparing for the second WASC accreditation in school history.  This is an important process and our teachers and students have been working on our self-study document for over 8 months.  We can always use more parent support and encourage you to contact our office to sign up to volunteer on various committees, teams, and other opportunities to help your student and school.  The accreditation visit is March 22-25, 2015; please contact the school office to help during this important event.

During October our activities and athletic programs are in full stride.  Homecoming football game is October 24 and the traditional dance is on the 25th in our gym, from 6:00-10pm.  It should be lots of fun for all students 9-12.  On October 15, all 10th and 11th graders will be taking the PSAT test.  This test is an important measurement preparing our students for college.  Results are shared with teachers to determine the direction of school goals and student needs.  Please encourage your student to do well and support their success.

From the moment our students begin their day, it is critical they receive the proper rest, nutrition, and parental support to get their day started in the right direction and are properly prepared.  Please keep helping your students be successful by following their grade progress, monitor homework, and celebrating their success.  Continue to have a great year JAGUARS, I am looking forward to making this year of change one of the best in school history. 

D. McCulloch






School Pride

High School
Where all students do their best learning 
and all staff do their best teaching.

“Home of the Jaguars”

est. 2005 
Many visitors to our high school ask why we are named, "Segerstrom High School". Some want to know if we are related to the Orange County Performing Arts Center's Segerstrom Hall (we are!). Others ask us, "Who is See-gerstrom?" Here's the answer:
Henry Segerstrom (SAY-gerstrom) - for whom Segerstrom High School is named - is a familiar name in Orange County. The land upon which Segerstrom High School is built was purchased from the Segerstrom family who once grew crops on these acres.

Henry Segerstrom

Mr. Segerstrom accepts a football jersey from his namesake high school. (September 2005)
Carl Segerstrom immigrated from Sweden at the turn of the century and began what we now know as C.J. Segerstrom & Sons, a real estate company whose work resulted in the construction of South Coast Plaza and the Orange County Performing Arts Center, among other contributions to Orange County. A generation later, Henry Segerstrom has been praised for his philanthropy. Our nearby Orange County Performing Arts Center sits on land donated by Mr. Segerstrom.
Henry Segerstrom recently received the Carnegie Hall "Medal of Excellence" for his philanthropic work in the performing arts. You can read more about Henry Segerstrom at the following sites:

To maintain a community that provides a challenging and
supportive environment which empowers students to develop the
skills and strategies necessary for post- secondary success.
Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
Reflective CommunicatorResourceful LearnerResponsible Citizen
  • Think, read, write, listen, speak well
  • Use multimedia as tools for communication
  • Develop creative and artistic abilities
  • Set goals
  • Take responsibility for learning
  • Think critically
  • Solve problems
  • Manage time wisely
  • Study effectively
  • Practice American patriotism
  • Demonstrate the elements of character
  • Live a healthy lifestyle