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Ernesto Figueroa

Department: Foreign Language

Syllabus/Course Outline

Period 1 French I/Room 5110

Period 2 French III/IV APRoom 5110

Period 3 French II/II/Room 5110

Period 4 Conference/Room 5110

Period 5 French II/Room 5110

Period 6 French I/Room 5110

 My courses are part of a sequence, beginning with French I and continuing to French 2, 3, and 4.  Currently we offer French I, II and III and French 4 AP  My classes focus on developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing/skills, with emphasis on communication in the target language.  Students are also introduced to French speaking countries and French Culture.  
I believe it takes a village to raise a child and I see myself as a crucial element of that village.  Every one of my students is important to me for I know that if I can make the difference in a young person then I have made the world better not only for them as individuals, but also for others, and myself as well.  I include in my classroom management discussions about proper behavior and what is acceptable to help build social skills.  I believe in positive reinforcement and motivation.  A student who is happy to be in school is a productive student ready to learn.