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Ernesto Figueroa

Department: Foreign Language

Syllabus/Course Outline

Period 1 French I/Room 5110

Period 2 French II/Room 5110

Period 3 French II/III/Room 5110

Period 4 Conference/Room 5110

Period 5 French II/Room 5110

Period 6 French II/Room 5110

 My courses are part of a sequence, beginning with French I and continuing to French 2, 3, and 4.  Currently we offer French I, II and III this year it is my goal to ensure a successful program here at Century wherein French 4 will be offered as well as preparing our program so that it can be College Board Approved so that French AP can also be offered.  My classes focus on developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing/skills, with emphasis on communication in the target language.  Students are also introduced to French speaking countries and French Culture.  
I believe it takes a village to raise a child and I see myself as a crucial element of that village.  Every one of my students is important to me for I know that if I can make the difference in a young person then I have made the world better not only for them as individuals, but also for others, and myself as well.  I include in my classroom management discussions about proper behavior and what is acceptable to help build social skills.  I believe in positive reinforcement and motivation.  A student who is happy to be in school is a productive student ready to learn.