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Santa Ana
Unified School District
Cindy Landsiedel, Principal
3002 Centennial Road
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone: 714.433.6600
Fax: 714.433.6731

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Principal's Message

2014-2015 Will Be a GREAT Year:

Show Your Grizzly PRIDE


Dear Parents and Students,

In just a few short weeks the Godinez staff will welcome students and parents to begin another great year both academically and personally for all of our students.   The Godinez administration wants every student to be involved.  This means take advantage of classroom instruction, tutoring after school, be involved in clubs and sports, attend dances and come a cheer on our teams whenever you can.  The more you are involved in Grizzly life and show your Grizzly PRIDE the better you will do academically.  I have so much to share with parents, keep reading for exciting new offerings at Godinez.


As many of you know Godinez now has wireless access for all students and we encourage everyone to bring his/her device to school.  This could mean a cell phone with wireless capabilities, a tablet, iPad, or laptop.  We want our students to use their device to increase their ability to access information at school and at home.  A goal for the 2014-2015 is to get a device in every student’s hand.  We will provide parents with information on where you can purchase a device if you choose to and how to get wireless access for your home at very discounted prices.  Classroom teachers will be adding an iPad mini to their instruction.  This will allow teachers to move about the classroom use technology for instruction and not have to stand next to a computer to use it.  During our Coffee Chat in September parents will visit classrooms to see these devices in action.  


 Along with devices for students we will begin to offer classes on campus with Ms. Nieto for parents.  Ms. Nieto will train parents on how to access ARIES, SHMOOP and other tools that will help parents support students.  A computer lab will be set up in the main office for parents to visit and use.  We will have an Open House for parents when the computer lab is ready for use. 


Think Together is here!!!  Think Together has a new look for High School students and Godinez.  For the first time Godinez will have Think Together on campus.  Think Together will have many offerings and students can pick and choose what and when they participate.  Our ASB students have been asked what offerings they would like to see and ALL students will meet our full time Think Together staff and will be given a survey on what they want to be involved in outside the school day.  Some ideas are a video-media club, dancing, cooking, martial arts, SAT Prep classes, evening tutoring from 5:30-7:00 pm for athletes, the Think together staff is open to all ideas. 


Grizzlies, we have received lots of great comments about our school wide summer read; The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.  It’s a fun novel with many great characters and lots of fun illustrations.  If you have not started it please plan on beginning soon.  The summer reading homework assignment is on our website.  The freshmen assignment has examples of literary elements for you to site as you read the novel.  All students should have a novel.  Freshmen received the novel at their intermediate schools.  If you did not attend a SAUSD Intermediate School last year please stop by the Godinez office to pick up your copy.  It is yours to keep and use to highlight or take notes in.  Enjoy!!!

Program verification starts Monday.  We are excited for an amazing 2014-2015 school year.  We have 2,600 students registered to attend Godinez Fundamental High School.  Below is the schedule for program verification.  Please make a note of these important dates.


Monday August 18th           7:30 – 12:30 p.m.                  Any Senior

Tuesday August 19th           7:30 – 12:30 p.m.                  Any Senior and Juniors

Wednesday August 20th     7:30 – 12:30 p.m.                  Juniors

Thursday  August 21st        7:30 – 12:30 p.m.                  All sophomores

Friday August 22nd            7:30 – 12:30 p.m.                  All Freshmen

Monday August 25 th           7:30 – 12:30 p.m.                  Make-Up Day All Students



Along with registering for classes the freshmen and sophomores will also take an on-line MAP test.  This computerized test presents questions that are leveled to the student’s ability based on the student responses.  We will discuss the test and results at length at our first Coffee Chat in September 19th.  (All other Coffee Chats will take place on the second Friday of the month.) This will add about an hour to the registration process and the information from the test will be shared with students, teachers and parents.  The testing report will allow math and English teachers to see where a student’s strengths are and where a student needs more support.  These

As always it is a pleasure to serve you at Godinez.  We firmly believe that the great partnership we have established with our parents will continue to grow; this is what makes up successful.  Please contact the school with any questions.

We are so excited to work with all of you,

Cindy Landsiedel, Godinez Principal


School Pride

Godinez Fundamental High
Godinez Logo

History of Name

Hector GodinezGodinez Fundamental High School was named in honor of Orange County’s first Latino postmaster, Hector Godinez (1924 – 1999).
The following was taken from a Los Angeles Times article on the life of Hector Godinez:

In his 74 years, Godinez scrapped his way up from poverty and a lack of formal education. He served as a tank commander in Germany during World War II, delivered the mail for most of north Santa Ana, attended Santa Ana College by night and, in 1961, was appointed by President John F. Kennedy as postmaster of Santa Ana.

He was later promoted to Southern California district manager for the U.S. Postal Service, managing more than 44,000 employees and an operating budget of $750 million.

Linda Godinez Miller said her father persevered against both economics and racial prejudice. Once he ascended, the father of four never forgot to help others.

‘He's a legend,’ she said Sunday. ‘He was one of Kennedy's last appointments--one of four candidates for the job and the only Hispanic. The Santa Ana Chamber [of Commerce] lobbied against his appointment. So did many others. Yet he did become postmaster and he later became president of the Chamber.’

Godinez's community involvement was ceaseless.

He served as a trustee for the Rancho Santiago Community College District for 17 years and on boards for the League of United Latin American Citizens and KOCE-TV public television, among others. Godinez and the first LULAC members helped bring to court a landmark civil rights case that ended discrimination against Mexican American children in Orange County schools.

Witty and loyal to a fault, Godinez was known for his devotion to friends, his collection of 50 pairs of cowboy boots and his fondness for Stetson hats. A voracious reader, Godinez loved historical tomes, especially those about World War II.

‘He always tried to stand up for the little guy,’ his daughter recalled. ‘If someone needed a job, he'd help. If someone needed help getting the mail out, they'd call Hector. He always took the phone calls.’”

The article can be read in its entirety by clicking on the following link:

Date Built and/or Occupied

Godinez Fundamental High School was opened in the fall of 2007.

School Mascot

The Godinez school mascot is the "Grizzly".