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Articles of the Week

Articles of the Week are utilized in Advisement classes weekly and are available online for students to print from home and updated weekly. Expect to receive a new article each Wednesday. SAHS Articles of the Week were developed using strategies originally created by Kelly Gallagher and have been modified to meet the needs of Santa Ana High School students.
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Article of the Week #1  Date: 11/4/15
     Michigan Farmer Unearths Bones of Rare Mammoth Hybrid From Nearly 15,000 Years Ago
        Tan, A., ABC News
     Click here to print in MS Word
     Lexile: 1310 
Article of the Week #2  Date: 11/18/15 
      Kaminer, M. The Sports Quotient. 
     Lexile: 880
Article of the Week #3  Date: 12/2/15  
      Kwong, Jessica. The OC Register. 
     Lexile: 1520
Article of the Week #4  Date: 12/9/15  
      Froelich, A. 
      Lexile: 1200 
Article of the Week #5  Date: 12/16/15  
       Lexile: 1270
Article of the Week #6  Date: 1/6/16  
      Lexile: 1110
Article of the Week #7  Date: 1/20/16   
      Lexile: 1310
Article of the Week #8  Date: 2/1/16  
       Lexile: 1190 
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