School of Choice Q&As


  1. To complete a lottery application, current parents of current students MUST have completed Parent Data Confirmation (PDC).  If you have not, proceed to complete PDC.
  2. How do I submit a lottery application?  You will submit the application through your Parent Portal account.
  3. How do I know if my lottery application was received? If you have completed and submitted the lottery application properly, you will see a message “School of Choice Request Saved” and you will receive an Acknowledgement email from              
  4. Where can I find the status of my lottery application? You will find the status on your Parent Portal account, School of Choice.
  5. Will I receive any notifications from SAUSD regarding the results of the application?  Yes, an email from will be sent to you indicating the results of the application in the week of January 31st, 2024 thru February 8th, 2024. 
  6. Do I have to contact the school to confirm enrollment at the requested school? No. Your student will automatically be pre-enrolled at the selected school based on the result’s email. You will need to complete Parent Data Confirmation at a later date.