Welcome to BrainPOP Jr K-3BrainPOP, and BrainPOP ELL.  
(1) Go to any of the sites by clicking the title above
(2)  Find at the top of the homepage ENTER CODE.  Teachers should enter:
You can also set up student accounts using a different, unique code that will be assigned for your classroom only and distinct from your colleagues.  
Digital Instructions are here (and also included below)

Creating Teacher Accounts

For teachers to set up their own accounts, login with your school’s unique Educator Code and follow these steps:

1. Go to BrainPOP and enter your school’s unique code at the top of the screen. 

2. Complete the form and click Create Account.

3. Receive an email with an activation link.

4. Click the link in the email to activate your account and log in.

Getting Started page walks teachers through the three steps for setting up classes, assigning curriculum and monitoring student work. Please also watch the below brief tutorials:

- How to Create a Class 

- How to Create Assignments and Assignment Builder

- How to Track Student Activity 

Creating Students Accounts

Students will use a unique class code to join your class. They can use their existing individual accounts to join or create their own individual accounts. To join your class, students should:

1. Click Enter Code at the top of the screen. If they are already logged in with their individual account, they can click on their username at the top and select Enter Code from the menu.

2. Enter your unique Class Code (not the school code above) and click Submit.

If students are creating their individual accounts for the first time, click Sign Up Now! and complete the form. If students already have individual accounts, they can enter their personal username and password and click Log In.

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