No, Aeries is NOT asking you to drop all your students.

Posted by Monica Dalton on 12/18/2020

Did you discover sometime today that Aeries was asking you to Drop ALL of your students from ALL of your classes?
Never fear... there IS an explanation!
So for our Year term classes, we have typically received a Master Schedule with students designated as Year.
Because of Distance Learning etc, we had to re-designate all our classes as Fall and Spring.
When we create our Aeries gradebooks, we have to associate each gradebook with a particular section (under Manage Gradebook, then the Edit Gradebook tab). If you look there, you'll notice blue checkmarks next to each Master Schedule section that has been approved/released, and right now they all have an F for Fall next to them.
Since our Fall term ended already according to our Master Schedule, it automatically dropped those sections (and sent them into "Add/Drop Students," the red button).
The Spring term Master Schedule cannot be approved/released until tomorrow, so eventually we may have to go back into our Aeries gradebooks and click the blue checkmark next to the S associated sections that will then pop up once the approval happens.
In short, for now, just leave it alone 🙂 If you want, you can check again in a couple days and you'll probably see what I mean. Meaning, you still will NOT have to Drop anyone, you'll just be able to go back into Manage Gradebook/Edit Gradebook and click/unclick for Spring/Fall, respectively.
Hope that helps! ❤️