Ask Multiple Choice Questions in Google Classroom

Posted by Emil Ahangarzadeh on 4/13/2016

Google Classroom has updated the Ask Question feature to allow for multiple choice responses along with short answer responses. With Formative Assessment and Engagement being two major initiatives in education, Classroom just made it a bit easier on teachers to implement these strategies.


Now, when you select Ask Question from the Create button, there will be a pull-down menu where you can choose a Multiple Choice format. The interface will change to resemble a question on a Google Form where you simple click to add options. As it is with Announcements and Assignments, you also have the ability to attach relevant files, post to multiple classes, and save as a draft.


There is also the option to allow students to see the class summary of responses.


Teachers will see a tally of how many students have answered the question as well as those who have not. When the question is clicked and Student Answers is selected at the top, polling results will be displayed on the right hand side of the window. The left side will contain a listing of students, separated by completion status, where teachers can enter a grade if desired.


Not Yet On Mobile


While it is possible for students to answer these questions using an iOS or Android tablet, teachers are not able to edit or create a multiple choice question using a mobile device at this time. Though teachers are able to see the poll results on a smartphone or tablet.