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Engage 360 Cyber Summer Camp at Heroes

Lupita Cruz posted in Heroes Elementary School
Engage 360 Cyber Summer Camp at Heroes
Dear Parents:

If your child is signed up to participate in either the Summer Intervention Program or the Summer Teacher Led Enrichment Program we want to make sure they are participating regularly in those programs.

In addition to those summer programs, we are happy to announce that Engage 360 will be offering a Cyber Summer Camp Program open to all Heroes students. Students can attend virtually Monday through Friday, starting on June 2nd to July 9th from 9:45-12:15pm and an additional session on Wednesdays. Students can log in for fun and engaging activities throughout the week. Please refer to the attached electronic flyer for more information on how your child can start their Cyber Summer adventure or call the extended learning department at 714-558-5630. In addition, you can email your questions to the Heroes Site Coordinator, Julio Acevedo Perez at Julio.AcevedoPerez@SAUSD.US . Also, make sure to follow us on social media for live updates by clicking on the icons below.