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Orange County Soccer Club Developed a New Soccer Program to Help Children Stay Fit During the Pandemic./El Orange County Soccer Club desarrolló un nuevo programa de fútbol para ayudar a los niños a mantenerse en forma durante la pandemia.

Orange County Soccer Club (OCSC) Soccer Program
Sign up by Jan 24th
Exciting News! 
Our Friends at Orange County Soccer Club have developed a new soccer program to help children stay fit during the pandemic.

The program consists of FIVE soccer drill videos demonstrated by our professional soccer players for students to try and emulate. 
  • There are five videos/drills per age group - one video will be sent every Monday beginning Jan 25. - Feb 22. 
  • The students will select one video at a time and watch that video and practice the soccer drill over and over. 
  • After they practice the drill over and over, students will then tape themselves doing the drill and submit their video to OCSC Coaches to score. 
  • These exercises only require a ball
  • Once the student has all 5 exercises approved/passed, they will receive a small prize from us and they will also be entered into a drawing for an iPad or Laptop.
Watch the videos below for more information. 

Sign up by January 24th 
Video #1 will be sent January 25th 

Questions? Call Giovanni Diaz 
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