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Glenn L. Martin

A Short Biography on Glenn L. Martin
"The way to build aircraft or anything else worthwhile is to think out quietly every detail, analyze every situation that may possibly occur, and, when you have it all worked out in practical sequence in your mind, raise heaven and earth and never stop until you have produced the thing you have started to make."

- Glenn L. Martin (1918)

Glenn L. Martin( January 17, 1886- December 15, 1955) was an pioneer in aviation who started the Glenn L. Martin Company. Glenn L. Martin was the third American to design, build, and fly his own plane. He is arguably the father of the modern aircraft manufacturing industry in the United States, having employed many of the early aviation pioneers who would go on to start other major aircraft companies.
Glenn L. Martin was a young businessman in Santa Ana, California who taught himself to fly in 1909 and 1910. He did not have the technical background so he built his first airplanes with auto mechanics in an empty church building that he rented. He made his first successful flight in 1909. By 1912, he became an airplane manufacturer. He trained talented engineers and managers who later became airplane manufacturers themselves including William Boeing, Donald Douglas, Lawrence Bell, and James S. McDonnell. Martin built legendary aircraft such as the B-10 bomber, China Clipper, B-26, P5M Marlin, Mars, B-57 Canberra, 404 airliner, and P6M SeaMaster. Planes he manufactured called the " mMartin Bombers" were used during World War II.
The Glenn L. Martin Company produced over 80 different types of aircraft totalling more than 11,000 planes, including Boeing B-29s and the Martin Water Bombers which were recently used to put out fires in Southern California. The company then ventured into missiles, space and electronics and, since the Lockheed merger in 1995, has now established itself again as a prominent aircraft manufacturer.