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Mendez RunStrong Athletes

Kevin Armstrong, M.D. Memorial Sports Foundation:
Celebrating 10 years in Partnership with the
Santa Ana Unified School District


Featuring: Hector Chavez, Teacher and RunStrong Team Coordinator, Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of the Kevin Armstrong, M.D. Memorial Sports Foundation (KAMSF), Hector Chavez of Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School shares his passion for running and inspires his students with help from RunStrong.

"I have served as the coach/coordinator of the RunStrong Program sponsored by the KAMSF for over five years. It began when I was asked by Kevin Tonai about some of the needs of our students-athletes. At the time, I had just started a fitness program at Mendez and KAMSF was looking for a group like ours to sponsor. I told Mr. Tonai that the kids needed shoes.I was so happy when the Foundation provided us new running shoes and shirts. Thank you RunStrong!

But that's not all the Foundation provides our students...

Along with entrance to local races and transportation to and from these events, the kids get to be part of a sub-culture based on healthy living. They have an escape at school where they can run free. They get to fall in love with the sport that I love and Kevin Armstrong also enjoyed so much.

These children get to be part of something at school that is not academic; non-judgmental, just get out there and run. They make new friends and develop already existing friendships. They are given an opportunity to get out of their neighborhood and see other parts of Orange County. They get a small taste of freedom as they run happily on asphalt streets where automobiles rules. They are allowed an escape from their day-to-day busy schedule; it's almost like a mini-get-away vacation for some. They get to RUNSTRONG."


Thank you to the KAMSF and all that you do for the students of Santa Ana!