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Congratulations to the MESA team for placing 3rd in the USC robotics competition!

The Saddleback MESA Robotics Team is composed of seniors Raul Carillo, Jesus Garcia, Marlyn Matus, Adriana Hernandez, Lucas Hernandez; juniors Jesse Gil, Graciela Castrejon, Victoria Harrington-Phelps, and freshman Julie Gonzalez.

The Robotics teams designed and constructed a robot to collect and deliver containers of contaminated fresh water, potable water and waste water. Teams also designed and constructed a water purification device to filter the contaminated fresh water of different sized beads and marbles.


The purpose of the competition was to encourage gracious professionalism that leaves everyone involved feeling valued with a sense of integrity and teamwork. The goal is not just to win, but to participate fairly and to extend gracious professionalism and respect to all teams and students.
MESA robots set-up
MESA robots in action!