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Frequently Asked Questions, ASB Refunds for Activities, Grad Nite and Dances and Cap and Gown/Announcements Information

Updated May 11, 2020

I am in 8th grade- how do I choose my classes?

Please email your counselor. Counselor emails can be found on our website under the "counseling" tab.

When will I recieve my cap and gown?

Currently caps and gowns are expected to be delivered May 26. We will plan for distribution closer to this date! For refund information please see information below the Herff Jones heading.

We are moving or have moved... How can I drop my child from Segerstrom?

Please send an email with dates and details of your move to the following:,, and in order to process your drop. Please include the student ID # in your email.

ASB Refunds for Dances and other Activities

Please know that we plan to issue full refunds for any events that did not take place due to COVID-19. Any senior who is owed a refund will be able to pick up their refund on Senior Collection Days. 

Freshman, Sophomore and Junior refunds will be dispersed on another date. Please check back for details

If you have specific questions regarding account balances, please contact Tasha Correa:

If you have specific questions regarding activities or ASB, please contact Shelby Stoewsand:

Herff Jones- Cap, Gown and Announcements

Due to the cancellation of the commencement ceremony, Herff Jones representative, Tami Larson, is working with Activities Director, Shelby Stoewsand to propose a "no contact" distribution of cap and gowns. The company is still working on a process for potential refunds. We will update refund information as we hear back from Herff Jones

Senior Graduation Announcements- These items will be shipped directly to your home address.

If you have questions regarding your order, please contact Tami Larson at:


Grad Nite

Please use this link to request a refund for Grad Nite or donate to the Segerstrom football program. *** REFUND DEADLINE TO REQUEST REFUND IS SEPTEMBER 30, 2020!!!

For other questions, please contact football boosters at:



The Herff Jones production plant has been reopened and yearbooks are due to ship Mid-June. Please check back as they push for an earlier and exact delivery date! To pay for your yearbook please find the link located on the front page of our website titled, "ASB Online Webstore"


Students can still order books ($80 with ASB, $85 without) from the ASB online store or from 


My Chromebook is not working properly, who do I contact? OR I do not have internet access where can I get help?

Please contact Mrs. Gerdes for assistance at or They will help you fix the device or schedule to pick up a replacement.


When can I return items such as library books?

For grades 9th through 11th we will be collecting those items from you at the start of next school year. 

We have scheduled Senior Collection days. Please see this flyer on the front page of our website. 

If you are moving and leaving our school, please see who to contact under the heading "We are moving..."  

Please check back for updates!