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Bell schedule // Horario de campana

Good evening students and families!

As we gear up for opening virtually next week, we wanted to inform you of a few things.

Bell Schedule
First, know that we are looking to provide all students a high quality, well-structured education. Part of that is establishing routines. For that, we will need a Bell Schedule. Please see our Bell Schedule below:

Time Mon\Thu Tues\Fri
8:30am-9:40 am Period 1 Period 5
9:50am-11:00am Period 2 Period 6
11:10am-12:20pm Period 3 Period 7
12:20pm-1:00pm Lunch Lunch
1:00-1:30 Period 4 Period 4
1:35pm-2:35pm Office Hours Office Hours


Time Wedn
8:30am-9:10am Period 1
9:15am-9:55am Period 2
10:05am-10:45am Period 3
10:50am-11:30am Period 5
11:30am-12:10pm Lunch
 12:10pm-12:50pm Period 6
 12:55pm-1:35pm Period 7

The First Day of School

Next, school starts Monday, August 17th at 8:30 am. Now I know many of you have questions about how you will access your classes and everything else. Information on that will be coming tomorrow. Please watch the Sierra website and ParentSquare for information.

We at Sierra cannot wait to see your students virtually and are eager to start strong this school year.