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Students accessing Gmail // Estudiantes accediendo a Gmail

March 24, 2020

As we continue with this current school closure, we have noticed that some students have had some difficulty in logging in to their SAUSDLearns Google Mail. The SAUSDLearns account is important not just for accessing Gmail but also important tools such as Google Classroom. Parent, please make sure that your students have logged into their emails and caught up on any commucation from their teachers.

The easiest way to access their Gmail is simply to navigate to and then log in. The login is their student id with (example: Students should know their password as it is the same as the one they use to access PowerUp.

There are are methods to access their Gmail. Using their Chromebook, they can reach their Gmail by clicking on "Gmail" on their hompage as shown below.


They may also click on the dots to the right and then the Gmail icon as shown below:


Should students have any issues logging in (forgotten password, etc), they can also email Edmundo Torres (Edmundo.Torres1@SAUSD.US) from another email address, supply their Student ID, their full name and a description of their problem.