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Santa Ana Unified School District complies with SB 1404 Civic Center Act where every school facility is considered a civic center where citizens, school-community councils, clubs, and other organizations may meet.  To ensure your event is scheduled, please read the following important procedures:


Application for Use of Facility:


Please note that in accordance with Administrative Regulation 1330.1 (b), in order for an application to be accepted, requests submitted for use of facilities permits must be entered 30 calendar days prior to the event.  All associated use fees shall be paid for the entire period requested at least 21 days prior to the first date of use.  To request a use of facilities or make payments click on link


Cancelation Process:


Prior written cancelation notice must be received 7 days prior to scheduled event in order to receive a refund.


For Civic Center information, including room and field usage fees, click on or call Civic Center at (714) 796-9079 or email