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Record-Breaking Number of Graduating Seniors Receive Certificate Certifying they are Fluent in Multiple Languages in SAUSD

Santa Ana Unified School District celebrates a record-breaking number of graduates receiving their Seal of Biliteracy this school year. During the graduation ceremonies this week, 1, 013 students will be recognized for being fluent in at least one or more languages and English, an increase of 124 students from last year. Proficiency in the Spanish language was the most popular language followed by French.

The Seal of Biliteracy is particularly valuable in a competitive job market as employers seek applicants who can communicate in more than one language. “These students are biliterate so not only can they speak two or more world languages, they can also read and write it,” said Nuria Solis, Director of English Language Development. Each year, the number of students graduating with the Seal increases in the district. “We are extremely proud of their accomplishments, and we look forward to breaking the record next year.”