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    6th Grade Integrated Science

    Did you know that you are a system? You know your body has different parts that have to work together, like your mouth, stomach, and intestines. That makes you a system! Systems are groups of parts that work together to accomplish something, in this case keeping you alive. This year you will explore how every living thing is a system, and how each living thing is also a small part of larger systems.
    Earth is a system with many smaller systems too, and we are part of those systems. We are made of the same stuff found in rocks, water, and air. Molecules in the air, soil, and water become part of us, and molecules in us go back to being part of the Earth! In order to understand our home, we must investigate how the Earth's systems work. Then let's consider how we affect our Earth, and how we can best take care of it, so it can keep taking care of us!

    Science Daily Agenda

    Coding Elective

    It seems like everything is computerized these days. Soon, even our fridges and toasters will be computerized! All these conveniences make life easier and more fun, and they also mean that there are a lot of opportunities for coders. How will your coding change the world?

    Science Fair

    Have you ever done your own science fair project? Well you can this year! There are helpful resources for you on the Science Fair page.
    DNA extracted from wheat germ   
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