• Greenville Fundamental School
    Traffic Bulletin 2019-20

    We are looking forward to another fantastic year at Greenville. With so many students and cars, our primary goal is safety. We need your help to work together and set the right example for our students. This will help keep everyone safe.

    ⦁ All visitors must stay clear of exit areas and avoid blocking walkways and sidewalks.
    ⦁ Students may not cross surrounding major streets on foot or bikes without an adult or high school sibling
    ⦁ All visitors and students must FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS of the City Crossing Guard to help students cross safely on MacArthur Street
    ⦁ Students will NOT BE ALLOWED to walk down Raitt St. past the parking lot to a waiting car without an adult.
    ⦁ Students MAY NOT wait on the grass in front of the Santa Fe Village Apartments on Raitt St.
    ⦁ To ensure your child arrives on time, please arrive early. Traffic is lighter from 7:15 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.
    ⦁ Students CANNOT BE dropped off on MacArthur for ANY REASON due to safety.
    ⦁ Parent volunteers or parents with a scheduled meeting may enter in the driveway off of Raitt St. and park in marked “Visitor” spots ONLY found in the first aisle. DO NOT PARK IN EMPLOYEE MARKED PARKING
    ⦁ PLEASE USE the valet system which moves quite speedily.
    ⦁ Parents MUST respect and follow the activity monitor/staff directions. Activity monitors are there to keep students safe and help reunite parents with their child. There is NO TOLERANCE for the disrespect and disregard of the activity monitor’s directions

    Before School DROP-OFF Procedures (see map on last page)

    ⦁ Students may only be dropped off after 7:15 a.m. There is NO supervision prior to that time.
    ⦁ Pull into the parking lot entrance on Raitt Street.
    ⦁ Drive ALL THE WAY to the drop-off curb at the green umbrellas.
    ⦁ Always follow activity monitor's instructions.
    ⦁ Children are NEVER to exit a car on the parking lot side into traffic.
    ⦁ If you have a student in grades 3rd – 5th grade WITH a younger sibling in grades K-2, they MUST be dropped off with their younger sibling USING THIS DROP-OFF.
    ⦁ Do NOT drive-through parking aisles for any reason including to cut the line or exit.
    ⦁ Pedestrians must use the sidewalk at all times. Walking through the parking lot is dangerous and slows the movement of cars following the rules.

    3rd – 5th ONLY
    ⦁ Students MAY ONLY be dropped off after 7:15 a.m. There is NO supervision prior to that time.
    ⦁ Drop students off using the road that travels behind the school, off of MacArthur.
    ⦁ Parents need to abide by directions from activity monitors. Parents driving into the drop off lane must move forward until all spaces are filled and cars have come to a complete stop in front of the gate.
    ⦁ Do not drop students off inside the lot or cut through the center parking aisle.
    ⦁ The widened driveway allows you to proceed around and back out onto MacArthur. PLEASE YIELD TO TRAFFIC ON MACARTHUR WHEN EXITING.
    ⦁ Do not drop students off in areas other than this curb such as in the entrance lane or within the lanes of the parking lot for any reason.
    ⦁ Do not park for drop off. Parking is for appointments or office business. This is unsafe and it is frustrating for parents who follow our policies.
    ⦁ Children may be given a tardy slip if parents drop them off in an unapproved area to avoid a tardy.

    After-School PICK-UP Procedures (see map on last page)

    ⦁ The back lot off of MacArthur will be open for KINDERGARTEN PARENTS ONLY to enter at 1:40 P.M. PLEASE DO NOT LINE UP ON MACARTHUR BEFORE THAT TIME as police may ticket you.
    ⦁ After school, students will be asked to wait for their ride safely behind the fence near the lunch tables.
    ⦁ Have your hang tag with your kinder child’s information to show the activity monitors. They verify this information with the information on your child’s binder. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS TAG, YOUR KINDER CHILD WILL NOT BE RELEASED. You must park and go to the office with your ID.
    ⦁ Arriving drivers MUST approach the school traveling east on MacArthur and make a right onto the back road and circle around, pull up as far as possible on the pick-up lane close to the lunch tables.
    ⦁ If you DO NOT see your child, you MUST pull around and circle again.
    ⦁ Do not park for pick-up as cars pulling into and out of parking spaces increase collision risk, slow traffic, and create congestion as pedestrians cross in front of cars following our pick-up rules.
    ⦁ After PICKING UP your child, proceed around and exit on MacArthur. PLEASE YIELD TO TRAFFIC ON MACARTHUR WHEN EXITING.
    ⦁ You may not pick up 3rd-5th grade students by entering from the MacArthur lot unless they have a K-2nd grade sibling.

    ⦁ The lot off Raitt Street will be open for 4th-5th grade parents to enter at 2:20 p.m. PLEASE DO NOT LINE UP ON RAITT STREET BEFORE THAT TIME.
    ⦁ After school, students will be asked to wait for their ride inside of our main school parking lot off of Raitt Street under the GREEN umbrellas.
    ⦁ Students will not be allowed to cross the parking lot alone.
    ⦁ Do not call them from your car or honk your horn.
    ⦁ Arriving drivers MUST approach the school traveling east on Mac Arthur and make a right turn onto Raitt. Travel in the right lane and enter the school parking lot through the entrance. This will free up the regular lane on Raitt Street for through-traffic.
    ⦁ Cars traveling East on MacArthur street MAY NOT turn right from the middle lane onto Raitt as the Santa Ana Police Department will ticket such an action. Cars turning left from MacArthur onto Raitt Street and those traveling from Segerstrom High School are to proceed in the passing lane and NOT CUT INTO THE TRAFFIC LANE FOR SCHOOL.
    ⦁ Once in the lot, follow the lane closest to the curb as directed by the activity monitors. Proceed slowly to the umbrellas and continue to pull forward until traffic has completely stopped.
    ⦁ Your child will walk to wherever you stop.
    ⦁ If your child is not readily seen, continue to move up as far as possible
    ⦁ You will not be allowed to park on Raitt Street between MacArthur and the second driveway. Older siblings (student’s grades 4th – 5th) are released to sit with their younger siblings to help facilitate your pick-up and will be waiting in the Raitt street pick-up area.
    ⦁ All students should be picked up no later than 3:00 p.m.

    SPECIAL SHUTTLES: Childcare buses have a designated area in front of the marquee to park on Raitt Street. An Activity Monitor will monitor students waiting for the buses.

    ⦁ Parents who have meetings in the morning or business in the office may park in the “visitor” stalls in the first row in the Raitt street parking lot or the parking stalls in the MacArthur street lot. Please reserve these spaces for parents with appointments and do not park here for drop off or pick up. We value our volunteers, however, volunteers may NOT “cut the line” to enter the lot.
    ⦁ You MUST report to the office DIRECTLY, sign in, state your business and then proceed from there.
    ⦁ DO NOT PARK in a Named/Numbered parking stall. These are for staff members only.
    ⦁ Please be polite to our neighbors and do not park in the guest parking or turn around in driveways of the condos and/or apartments.
    ⦁ Parents may not park on Raitt Street at any time.
    Parents/carpool drivers are expected to follow the rules and show respect to those on duty. Parents/carpool drivers who are disrespectful could be asked to enroll their child/children elsewhere. Those acting in a hostile fashion towards ANY school personnel or other parents will be reported to police and will be PROHIBITED FROM BEING ON CAMPUS.

    We once again ask for your cooperation in following the procedures below for a safe drop off and pick up of our students.

    Please keep in mind that both the city and school police regularly patrol our school areas to make sure traffic rules are being followed. If you violate traffic rules, you may be subject to a citation.

    See the map below: Red Line= entering our campus Green Line= exiting our campus
    Please make a note of which entrance to use based on your child’s grade.
    Share this information with ALL family who drops off or picks up your children.



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    I have read the entire Greenville Traffic Bulletin for parents and agree to abide by the rules set out by the Police Department in conjunction with Administration at my child’s school. I realize that these rules are for the safety of all students attending Greenville Fundamental School.

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