• Work Permit Guidelines - Application



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    Student Procedures for New Online Work Permits Application 

    Click here to start creating your online application for a Work Permit


    1. Fill out the form completely, press submit
    2. Go online to your school email account (@sausdlearns.net), open and print the document that has been sent to your sausdlearns.net account (generated from the information submitted)
    3. Bring the document home to get three signatures:
      1. Your signature
      2. Your parent’s signature
      3. Employer signature
    4. Return your signed application document to the counseling center at your school.
    5. Arrange with your counselor when to return to sign final permit.
    6. Bring the official work permit to your new employer.
    7. Start work and be a good employee! :)


    Having a work permit is a privilege. Students requesting a Permit to work must meet Santa Ana District Policy.

       *No more than three unexcused absences

       *No excessive tardies

       *No failing grades for the current year

       GPA of 2.0 or higher




    Review the attached file above that contains legal information on work permits

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