• Work Permit Guidelines

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    Work Permit* Procedures during Remote Social Distancing:

    *Note: You must have a job offer from an employer before applying for the work permit.

    Work Permit Directions

    1. Complete the work permit application "CREATING YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION FOR A WORK PERMIT".
    2. A PDF document (your work permit application) will be e-mailed to your sausdlearns email account as an attachment.
    3. You must print this form. (if you are unable to print, we suggest emailing it to your employer to be printed) e-mail Judith.Jones@sausd.us with a request for additional help.
    4. After you have printed the form, you will sign and get signatures from your employer and parent.      
    5. When you have all three signatures on the application, you will scan/upload or take a picture of the completed application and email it to Judith.Jones@sausd.us
    6. If your grades are acceptable (applies during school year only) you will receive an e-mail from Judith Jones within 1-2 working days containing a copy of the actual WORK PERMIT. Forward this to your employer.
    7. Have your employer print this document for their files so that you can begin to work.
    8. The work permit will be valid until September 30, 2020 (at which time, you will need to re-apply the work permit).


    Review the Work Permit Guidelines file above that contains legal information on work permits.

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