• How to Write a Research Paper
    Process Overview
    1. Read, Understand, Take Notes
      First, read about and completely understand your topic. Take notes while you work. Be sure to write the sources where you found your information. Your job is to become an expert. If there are things you are unclear on, look the up or ask questions until you do understand. You can't write a good report about something you don't understand.
    2. Prewrite
      Organize your thoughts using a graphic organizer or outline. Plan what you will write and what information you need to include to make your points clear.
    3. Write in your own words.
      Now it's time to teach us. Write in your own words. If you can't use your own words, go back to step 1. You have to understand before you can write well.
    4. Review/Edit/Revise
      • Read what you wrote. Are there any mistakes you can fix now? Did you say what you meant to say?
      • Add academic language. While you were researching, you may have learned some new, academic terms. If you understand them, use them in your writing. Change what you wrote if you need to.
      • Get others to read or listen to what you have written. Get feedback. Did they clearly understand what you were saying? Are there any ways you could make your writing more clear? Is there any missing information? Are there mistakes?
    5. Make your final draft beautiful.
      Check that you have use the font and formatting that your teacher asked for.