• Science Fair Project
    Background Research Paper
    Scientists always begin by researching what is already known about a topic before conducting their own experiment. Your job is to become an expert; then write at least a 1-page paper explaining the background information you learned. 
    After learning about your topic, read Science Buddies "Writing a Research Paper for Your Science Project" to see if there is anything you need to add to your research before you begin writing.
    Here is a basic outline of what you want to do in your paper:
    1.  Introduction
      • Establish the relevance of your topic. (Why is it worth researching?)
      • Preview the main points we will need to understand about your topic.
    2. Body
      • Each paragraph should explain one main point of your research.
      • If there is a logical order to your topics, be sure to put them in that order.
      • Connect the paragraphs to each other with logical transitions.
    3. Conclusion
      • Summarize the main points again in a slightly different way.
      • Explain what you hope to learn from your experiment.