• How to Make Up Missing Quizlet Assignments
    The purpose of studying is to practice so you are ready to take your quizzes and tests. If you missed a Quizlet, and you did not earn at least a B on the quiz, that just shows that you were not completely prepared. Unfortunately, it's not possible to go back in time to prepare for that quiz. Because of that, I will not just let you do the Quizlet you missed and get credit. Instead, you must prepare enough that you can re-take the quiz and earn an A or a B. When you do, I will give you both the new quiz grade and 1/2 credit for the missing Quizlets. 
    Summary ... To make up missing Quizlets, you must:
    1. Study the Quizlets you missed. (You know you are done when you can look at the terms and type the definitions from memory.)
    2. Retake the quiz. 
    3. Get an A or a B.
    4. Turn in your new score by doing one of the following:
      • Show me your score as soon as you finish, and I will put it straight into Aeries while you watch.
      • Write your heading on a piece of lined paper and write "I retook the ________ quiz." (Give me the name of the quiz.)
      • Fill out the Electronic Makeup work form, and give me the name of the quiz.