• How to Quizlet

    Would you ever see a soccer team go listen to the coach; then go straight home and show up for the game? Of course not! They have to practice what the coach is telling them to do before the game. But many students go to class and do assignments without ever studying; then they come to take the quiz or test and wonder why they didn't do well. Studying is the academic version of practice, and just like practicing a sport, it's not something you should do once or twice; it needs to be a habit. In this class, you will use Quizlet as one of the tools to help you study.

    I. Logging In to Quizlet

    1. Log out of any personal google accounts that may be used on the computer.
    2. Log in to the school google account (ID# _______@sausdlearns.net).
    3. Go to the Quizlet site.
    4. Click on "Log in;" then "Log in with Google."
    **The student's icon should now show in the top right corner of the screen, and my class should show on the left-hand side. This shows he/she is logged in.**
    (If you are not signed up for my Quizlet class yet, watch this video to find out how. Please note, I remove the sign-up link once all students have signed up. Please only sign up for the class once.) 

    II. Study Your Quizlet Set

    5. Click on my class on the left-hand side.
    6. Select the correct study set. (If you search for a set instead of going to the class, you may find the wrong set. Many different teachers make sets with the same name.)
    7. Use Flashcards, Write, Match, or Gravity (depending on what has been assigned). **Speller and Test never count for credit.**
    8. Complete the entire set. (Be sure you see a sign that you completed the whole thing.)

    III. Check Your Quizlet History

    9. Each time you do Quizlet, double-check the Quizlet history to be sure that the entire set was completed.
    -Click on the Quizlet icon in the top left.
    -Click on "Your Study Sets" in the top left corner.
    -Select the studied tab at the top of the page.
    -Check that the activity has a green circle showing that you completed the activity, not just started it. 

    Miscellaneous Reminders

    • You must be logged in to your school Google account when doing Quizlet to receive credit.
    • Do Quizlet each day it was assigned. If it's assigned on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, you must do it on each of those days.
    • All of my Quizlet sets have "McA" (for MacArmstrong) at the end of the set name. That helps you know you are on the right set.