• Marine Food Web
    Most ecosystems in the ocean, just like most ecosystems on land, get their energy from the sun. In this ecosystem, though, most of the "plants" are microscopic. They are called phytoplankton. Read each of the clues below to help you complete the Dragster activity. Read carefully, your goal is to use the clues (not the check answer button) to fill out the food web. When you have checked and double checked your answers, then let Dragster check them to see if you were right. Try to get it right in only 1 or 2 attempts.
    There are a couple of important things to know before you begin: 1-The arrows show the flow of energy, and 2-Organisms get energy from the food they eat. (You get energy from your carrots, the carrots you eat don't get energy from you.)
    Phytoplankton get energy from the sun and turn it into sugar through photosynthesis.
    Sea gulls eat auklets and sand lances. 
    Zooplankton eat phytoplankton.
    Sand lances eat zooplankton.
    Salmon eat sand lances.
    Octopuses eat fish. 
    Puffins eat sand lances and zooplankton.
    Auklets eat zooplankton.
    Bacteria and Viruses decompose dead plants and animals, returning their nutrients to the ocean. 
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