Textbook Policies
    Students are responsible for any textbooks checked out to them. If the textbook is left in a classroom, it remains the responsibility of the student.
    Students shall be charged current replacement cost for lost books and a “lesser” amount for damaged books.  The current textbook policy fine schedule may also be applied to damaged library materials:

    Description                                         Fine

    Missing barcode                          $5.00

    Damage to cover                         $5.00

    Writing in ink (minor)                   $5.00

    Writing with marker (repairable)  50% cost of book

    Excessive writing (repairable)     50% cost of book

    Damage to binding (repairable)   50% cost of book

    Graffiti/Tagging (unusable)          Cost of the book + 20%

    Water damage (unusable)           Cost of the book + 20%

    Lost book                                     Cost of the book + 20%