Course: Geometry /Algebra-1


    Teacher: Mr. Bell

    Room# 5210 Tel-(714)568-7000 EXT-67480

    Email: Everett.Bell@sausd.us


    Course Description


    Symbolic reasoning and calculations with symbols are central in Geometry.  Through the study of geometry, students develop understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences.  In addition, geometric skills and concepts are developed and used in wide variety of problem-solving situations.

    Manipulations of mathematical terms in equations is central to Algebra.  Student gain an abstract understanding of completing algebraic problems by manipulating learned and newly learned mathematical skills.


    Suggested Materials

    Please bring the followings items to class everyday:

    • 3 ring binder
    • Paper
    • Pencil
    • Backpack




    • Respect other yourself and property
    • Follow directions the first time they are given to you
    • Be in your seat prepared to work before the tardy bell rings
    • Work cooperatively with teacher and members of the class




    • Electronic devices are not permitted for use in the class room at anytime.
    • Eating, chewing gum, drinking nay except water is not permitted in the classroom at anytime.
    • The use of inappropriate language is not permitted at anytime.




    Your final grade for each grading period or semester will be composed of:


    • 10% Class work
    • 10% Homework
    • 15% Quizzes
    • 15% Test / Projects
    • 20% Final Exam
    • 30% Participation