Internet Safety Resources for Parents

  • The Internet provides wide array of wonderful resources, but it is also important that children (and adults) use the Internet in a manner that is knowledgeable and safe.
    Santa Ana Unified School District holds a Cyber Savvy Week each year.The goal of Cyber Savvy Week is to educate students on the appropriate and ethical use of information technology in the classroom, Internet safety, plagiarism, copyright, and the implications of illegal peer-to-peer network file sharing.
    Parent presentations are made regarding district technology and Internet safety at the SAUSD Parent conference and at regularly scheduled parent classes. For more information on parent classes, contact Patricia Gomez in the English Learner Programs Department at 714-558-5677.
    Please click here to view an introduction presentation made to parents at the last Parent Conference on Internet Safety.
    Please click here to view a "Parent's Guide to Facebook" by Anne Collier and Larry Magid, Co-Directors,