• lawn sign for 8th graders The MacArthur Parent Booster Organization (PFO) would like to congratulate all of our 8th graders! If you did not pick up your sign (there are 52 of you!), you will be able to get one when admin determines the day you can clean out your locker and return your books. Hang in there!

    We have a new Facebook Page! Please like us and check us out at MacArthur PFO.

    If you would like to send us pictures of your 8th grader with his/her/their lawn sign, please send it to Ms. Skipper. We would love to post it on our new FB page.

    We are looking for at least two more parents to help us during the 2020–2021 school year! You can email Ms. Skipper for more information.

    We do have updated information on the district's 2020-2021 re-opening plan. The school board voted to approve the plan (it needed to be approved for the district to receive funding). The district has put out a press release announcing that the new school year will open via Distance Learning.

    Thank you for your support this year!

    Becky Clevenger, President

    Perla Luna, Vice President

    Nikki Ryan Vega, Treasurer

    Sherry Skipper-Spurgeon, Secretary

    In addition, if you are wondering if the district is providing breakfast and lunch during the summer, the answer is YES!. Please see the flyer below for further information.


    summer food

    Download a  PFO Membership form.