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    Ms. Treen's Contact Phone Number:  714-433-6721
    Email Address:  lisa.treen@sausd.us
    *Boys' and Girls' Athletic Director
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    Thanks for visiting the G.F.H.S. website!  We hope that you get an idea of what our school is all about and the variety of great programs we offer.  Athletics is a vital part of the Godinez environment as it helps to provide school spirit, pride and excellent character development for all Grizzlies!  Our student-athletes are expected to excel in the classroom as well as on the playing field. 
    As the Girls' Athletic Director, I would like to emphasize that our sports and school motto is one and the same "GODINEZ GRIZZLIES - CHAMPIONS OF CHARACTER".  The school and the athletic programs focus on building character and instilling values in our students that we know will help them to become successful.  The Champions of Character program focuses on five core character values; respect, responsiblity, integrity, leadership and sportsmanship.  We all truly believe that our student-athletes will be successful on and off the playing field by focusing on Champions of Character development.
    I welcome you to visit our Athletic Department web page for more specific sports information.  We have attached our athletic clearance paperwork; sports physical, insurance information, player contract and code of ethics.  These papers must be filled out and returned to our Athletic office prior to any try-out or sports participation.  
    If you have any questions that are still not answered, you may contact me at the following: 
    Ms. Treen's Contact Phone Number:  714-433-6721
    Email Address:  lisa.treen@sausd.us
    **Visit the athletic department web page for more specific sports information...there you can download required participation forms...get contact info...maps...sports schedules, etc.
    GO GRIZZLIES- Get involved NOW!!!!


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