• Hello students and parents!

    During the time of school closure my hope is that you and your families stay healthy! On Friday March 13th I did not send home packets because it was my first day back from medical leave.


    Yet, there is still work to do and it’s all online!

    Math: be sure to do 20 minutes of prodigy every school day.

    Science: you have a google slides project after reading the article I assigned, read only the sections I ask you all to read, thank you!


    Check Google Classroom for more updates!

    Here are the codes for each class:

    Period 1 (MATH): hs7wcik

    Period 2 (SCI): aapeewm

    Period 5 (MATH): mwg3v5r

    Period 6 (SCI): 36a5p74

    Period 7 (MATH): qqbo2pq