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      ART 1 – Beginning Drawing and Painting
    Period 6
     ART 2 – Intermediate Drawing and Painting
    Periods 2 & 5
     ART 3/4 – Advanced Drawing and Painting
    Period 3 
     AP Drawing
      Period 4

    Instructor: Helen Seigel
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    Learn how to make your own mark... and how to appreciate the markes of others. 

    Since the beginning of time human beings have expressed themselves through art. As an artist and art educator, I am passionate about introducing students to the world of art. I am at Godinez to assist those who are interested in developing their work, so that it becomes strong, both conceptually and technically. Instruction reflects the goals of the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards.

    In art studio classes, students learn to slow down and notice many things they may not have perceived before. They become more visually aware by learning to go beyond looking to seeing the world around them. Exploration and experimentation with art materials and techniques will expand possibilities for artmaking. Whether they choose a career in the arts, to make art as a hobby, or to become an art appreciator, this experience will give students an opportunity to expand their critical thinking skills. Because problem solving is inherent to the artmaking process, students will learn to assess and improve their efforts as they develop original works. Students are confronted daily by complex visual images via technology. Becoming familiar with the language of art will make them more sophisticated consumers and creators of images, a valuable skill in today’s world.

    The Visual and Performing Arts (dance, music, theater, and visual art) offer an important forum for communicating ideas. Exposure to great works of art, both historical and contemporary will broaden students’ understanding of the importance of art to record history, reflect political thought, describe the natural and human-made world, and convey the deepest of human emotions.

    Godinez is proud to offer AP Drawing. Each year the students in this class make tremendous artistic progress, creating original drawings, paintings, and collages. They work very, very hard and continue to set a high standard for those who follow. Students who are interested in intense, creative challenge should contact me to discuss planning for this opportunity. Find details by clicking on the AP Studio Art link.

    A small sampling of student work...

    rose  bird of paradise  hibiscus

      frank pencil  frank stipple

      mirna pencil  mirna stipple

      casey pencil  casey stipple

      luis abstract



       face tommy  face edgar  face victor

       face diego  face maria 

        After Arcimboldo 5   

         After Arcimboldo    After Arcimboldo 2   

         Natural Abstraction - 1
         Tim's b&w       Flower Power
          portrait Lisa R       Picasso LIsa R  
           Surreal Maritza  
           Surreal Diana  
           landscape horiz
           landscape vert  
           lisa summer read  
           Memory Ever After
           janet bee
          pen garden jorge
          NEXT jorge
          surreal dream jorge
          sense of place moises
              charcoal portrait moises     
          flowers moises
          kitty patty
                            self portrait patty
    spinning jorge patty
    cactus garden samantha
    memory ever after
    tape girl samantha
    skeleton bull santiago
    lightening santiago
    pen landscape yocelyn
    sense of place zuyapa
    kpop doily zuyapa
    pho zuyapa
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