• Yearbook FAQ

    Why should I join Yearbook? 

    Yearbook is an excellent choice for those interested in graphic design, business, and marketing. Yearbook offers an array of creative outlets like design, photography, journalism, and editing. Staff members also learn valuable skills for the workforce like presenting ideas, collaborating with staff and students, as well as learning budgeting tools that work in the real world. 

    Does Yearbook count toward college? 

    Yes! As of 4 years ago, Yearbook is an official course toward your A-G requirements. 

    Is Yearbook a year or a semester-long course? 

    Yearbook is a commitment; therefore, it is a year-long course. We create the book from start to finish! 

    How do I join Yearbook? 

    Yearbook is an easy course to join. Because it is an elective, you are able to register for this course starting your junior year. However, it is recommended that you speak with the advisor or staff members before making the commitment. 

    What do I need to join the course? 

    Upon registering for the course you should have adequate knowledge of computer graphics, photography, writing, and editing skills. This course is not recommended for those who are not serious in either of those areas.