• Dear MacArthur Parents and/or Guardians:


    All K-8 students in Santa Ana Unified School District are required to wear a school uniform unless the parent or guardian submits a uniform waiver. This uniform waiver should be submitted annually. Students who are on uniform waivers must still follow the district dress code guidelines. Guidelines for uniform and dress code are attached.

    The staff at MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate encourages the use of uniforms for safety reasons, and we will be addressing this topic at our first parent meeting of the year.

    If you would like to submit a uniform waiver for 2019-2020, please stop by the front office or visit the MacArthur website to download the waiver.   If you have any questions regarding uniform waivers or dress code, please contact our Student Services Office.

    Also, we would like to invite you to our first MacArthur Cafe event at   on Tuesday, August 7, where you can meet the leadership team and give further input on the uniform policy and other matters..


    MacArthur Staff


    Uniform Waiver