•                Welcome to the Webpage of Fred Gomeztrejo, P.E. Teacher 
     This year, my schedule includes teaching five periods of 10th - 12th grade P.E.  This is my 32nd year of high school education. This year, my Monday through Friday schedule will be as follows:
    Monday:  Cardio Day  Students will be running, exercises, and doing a variety of activities to increase their heart rates and work on their cardiovascular endurance.
    Tuesday:  P.E. (Sport or Activities)  Group Instruction
    Wednesday:  P.E. (Sport or Activities) Group Instruction
    Thursday:  P.E.  (Sport or Activities)  Group Instruction
    Friday:  Run Day for all classes.  Sport (Free Play) After
    I am looking forward to working with this year's students in Physical Education.  We have a great department and we will work hard to help make physical fitness and outdoor activities a lifelong endeavor for our students.
     Educational Background:
    University of La Verne:  Undergraduate Program
    Azusa Pacific University:  Graduate Program
    California State University, Long Beach:  Administrative Credential Program
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