Welcome to Science

    Students and parents please use Google Classroom to access all materials for my class. All students should already have access to my google classroom because we have been using it throughout the school year. If not, I have provided the codes below. 

    Google classroom codes:

    Period 1: 55n2t7a

    Period 3: 3pudi3z

    Period 5: n4g75s5

    Period 6: hpyb3jz

    Period 7: teo2ku5


    Access to Online Learning

    SausdLearns Account

    Username: LunchID@sausdlearns.net

    Password: Birthdate MMDDYYYY



    MyOn.com - Read 30 minutes per day

    Username:Student ID #  Example: 123456

    Password (all lowercase): The first letter of the first name, then first letter of last name, then birth  month, finally birth day. 

    Example:   John Smith, Born March 8th will be   js0308

    Example:   Susie Miles, Born December 11th will be  sm1211


    Andrea Perez

    Rm 1217