We, members of the Sierra Peer Assistance Leadership Club (PAL®), agree to facilitate more informed, responsible, and constructive decision-making on the part of peer students. The goals of the Sierra Intermediate School PAL® Club are as follows:

    • Enhancing the social development of positive peer relationships (i.e. lunch activities, new student orientation lunches, recognition and support).

    • Promoting academic achievement through peer led tutoring with newcomer students.

    • Giving youth the opportunity to help (community service, Family Dinners, fundraising activities, mediation)

    • Promoting acceptance and respect for diversity

    • PAL® members will receive adequate training that reflect the nature of the program, utilizes appropriate curricular resources and training strategies and includes demonstration, skill development, practice and critique.

    • Students will fundraise in order to: support the operation of PAL® Club, conduct special school activities, attend PAL® Fall Camp and to attend the Annual PAL® Conference at Chapman University.


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