Karla Verdesoto

    Department: World Language

    Email: karla.verdesoto@sausd.us

    Phone: (714) 241-6410 ext:  68329


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    Class Schedule



    Days we will meet online


    Language Art and Culture Spanish leve A

    Monday 8:15 to 8:55

    Tuesdays and Thrusdays 8:15 to 9:35



    Office hours: Mondays - Friday 1:05 to 1:50

    Thrusday 9:45 to 10:20


    Language Art and Culture Spanish leve A

    Monday 9:43 to 10:23

    Tuesdays and Thrusdays 11:15 to 12:35


    Spanish IIW 

     Monday 10:27 to 10:07

    Wednesday and Friday 8:15 to 9:35


    Spanish IIW 

    Monday 11:11 to 11:51

    Wednesday and Friday 9:45 to 11:05


    Spanish IIW 

      Monday 11:55 to 12:35

    Wednesday and Friday 11:15 to 12:35

    Who am I? I’m a passionate and hard worker teacher who believes in her students and push them to try their 100%. They don’t do it alone, I’m always there to help them and to guide them. My teaching experiences have allowed me to work with students from a variety of backgrounds and open my mind to different methods of teaching. While teaching abroad, I developed a better understanding of the Hispanic culture, which is essential in teaching since many of our students come from this background. Furthermore, I was exposed to the learning methods of the International Baccalaureate program (IB) that helped me create engaging lessons by applying a variety of teaching methods.   

    I consider myself a lifelong learner. For this reason, I am constantly reflecting on my work as a teacher, and continually finding ways to improve my teaching strategies. However, the most important goal I employ is to never give up on any of my students. I believe all students are capable of learning and it is my responsibility to provide them with the right tools.