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    Who Are We?

    The Local Scholar Program at Saddleback High School is a youth-centered after-school program that provides students with academic assistance, enrichment opportunities, and social-emotional support to help each student succeed. We are an expanded learning program that aligns with the school day operations and faculty to ensure our students are receiving the opportunities and services needed to be college and career-ready individuals. Our program is designed to meet and implement the quality standards of expanded learning and 21st Century learning skills in supporting District LCAP goals. 

    Our Mission

    We strive to provide a safe place where students feel loved, supported, and welcomed. In addition, we assist our students with their social-emotional, academic, and personal growth. By accepting our differences and allowing diversity, we create future independent leaders.

    Our Cultures and Values

    We celebrate and honor individual differences and perspectives by providing a safe and inclusive environment that encourages Teamwork, Responsibility, Achievement, Community, and Knowledge (T.R.A.C.K)