•  Internet Safety
       Technology can be a great resource for kids.  Today students use technology to research school reports, create multimedia projects, play interactive games, and communicate with teachers and peers.  However, technology can also pose hazards to kids.  That's why it is important for parents to understand how their children are using technology, who they communicate with, and what they share online. These videos were selected to provide advice to parents on a variety of topics related to Internet safety. 


    5 Ways to Stop Cyberbullies

    Cyberbullying is something most families hope they never have to deal with. But if your kids are texting, sharing photos, and posting comments, it’s important to talk to them about how to deal with online harassment. Learn 5 ways to stop cyberbullies. 

     Cyberbullying Prevention Tips for Kids

    Texting, sharing photos, instant messaging -- this is how today's kids socialize. But they can also use these digital tools to threaten, gang up on, and cyberbully other kids. Get tips on how to help your kids prevent cyberbullying.

    Dealing with Digital Harassment 

    Texting and instant messaging between teen crushes is usually just innocent fun. But sometimes, constant communication crosses the line. Help your kids avoid the pain and drama of digital harassment.

    Social Media & Kids 

    Status updates, comments, tweets, and texts -- social media is the main source of kids’ daily communication. But they don’t always self-reflect before they self-reveal. Help your kids make good decisions as they navigate their virtual lives.

    3 Teen Trends in Social Media 

    Not too long ago, the phrase social network meant Facebook. But that's not the case anymore, especially for teens. Today they use specific apps for specific needs. Here are 3 trends in social media and how you can help your kids use them responsibly.

     Parent's Guide to YouTube
    With customized content and edgy advertising, YouTube has become one of the most popular online hangouts for kids. Make it a worthy destination with tips for finding high-quality, age-appropriate videos -- while avoiding the not-so-great stuff.  
     Internet Safety Tips for Kids
      Sharing photos, posting comments, playing video games -- these are just a few of the ways that kids interact online. But when online networking goes beyond friends and family, it can present safety risks. Learn how to protect your kids online.
     Protecting Kids' Privacy Online

    Today's kids are constantly sending texts, posting to social networks, and uploading photos for their friends to see. But their online lives aren't always as private as they think. Get tips on how you can protect your kids' personal privacy online.

     Texting Tips for Parents
    Texting is now the main way teens socialize with friends, check in with mom and dad, and share content. But for parents, dealing with text-happy kids can sometimes be a challenge. Get tips on how to keep your kids’ texting under control.
     Cell Phone Survival Guide 
    When you give your kid a cell phone, you're handing over a powerful tool that connects them to the world. Get essential tips for helping kids use their cell phones safely, responsibly, and respectfully.