• Language Arts Support – Mr. Ryan substituting for Mr. Vom Steeg


    See the ReadWorks link below for recommended school work during the coronavirus shutdown. Students who finish all the recommended school work with at least 60% of their answers correct for each assignment will be awarded a personal pizza and drink.


    The recommended work is to complete the ReadWorks daily assignment posted on the Assignments to Do list and to choose something to read from the ReadWorks library which is on the Assignments to Do site.


    If you have any questions or need help send Mr. Ryan an email at LanguageRCA@gmail.com


    Go to ReadWorks.org/student

    On the login page – DO NOT “Log in with Google” instead Enter Class Code for your period (see below) then click on Continue . Select your first name which will bring up the password screen. Enter 1234 for Password then click on Continue and the Assignments to Do screen will open. The work assigned for each day will be at the top of the list.


    Period Class Code

    1 AV5KJS

    3 3KMD2Z

    4 PKLAXN

    5 AGNRXK

    6 KSENFC

    7 LDKL4C


    Any work on vocabulary.com and myon.com will count towards your grade. Follow the instructions below to access vocabulary.com and myon.com.


    The Username is your Student ID#

    The Password is the first letter of your first name (lower case), then the first letter of your last name (lower case) and the digits for the month and date of your birth.


    For example: The Password for John Demerits, born March 8th is jd0308