• Juan Sanchez
    4th--5th grade Teacher
    Hello parents and students,
    As we all know, schools have been closed and will not reopen until May 4th.   During these next few weeks students can check this website to get some grade level, school work done at home.  Thank you for your cooperation and I am sure that we will all be well and in a couple of weeks things will be back to normal.  See you soon!   If you have questions please email me at:   juan.sanchez1@sausd.us
    Estimados padres y alumnos,
    Como todos sabemos, las escuelas se han cerrado y no se reabriran hasta Mayo 4.  Durante estas proximas semanas los alumnos pueden revisar esta pagina de web donde habra links del trabajo que ellos pueden hacer en casa.  Gracias por su cooperacion y estoy seguro que en un par de semanas todo va a volver a la normalidad y nos veremos de regreso aqui en la escuela.  Nos vemos pronto!   Si tienen preguntas por favor mandeme un email a la siguiente direccion:  juan.sanchez1@sausd.us  
    Jiji--The Penguin                                                                 
    Khan Academy   Click on a) sign up   b) learner, date of birth, enter class code  c)  enter class code HBQZTGWQ., create new account.   After that you should be able to sign in just by using your district email:  ######@sausdlearns.net and the password you create.    Do the assignments I've suggested or just have fun and review stuff that's interesting to you.
    Types of Lines -- Video #1                          Types of Lines -- Video #2
    Brainpop.com  Please follow these steps:

    1) Go to brainpop.com and click "enter code" at the top
    2) Enter:  actress0537
    3) A popup window will appear where it says "You're about to join Sanchez 4th-5th". Click the "X" on that and get out.
    4) Now try to watch a video, any video. However, the system won't let you. When you press the "play" button a new popup window should appear. Again it will ask you to enter username, password etc. However, on the right side of that window there is a button that says "G Suite for Education". Click that button.
    6) Once you that it will take you to a new page where you have to choose an account. Choose your district email: ######@sausdlearns.net. And that should be it, you're done!
    5) Explore Brainpop and have fun. There are tons of cool animated videos on here. I like it and I think you'll like it.
    These are some 4th/ 5th grade topics you might want to look at:
    1)  Angles        2)  Photosynthesis       
    MyOn.com  -------  Password (all lowercase): The first letter of the first name, then first letter of last name, then birth  month, finally birth day. 

    Example:   John Smith, Born March 8th will be   js0308

    Example:   Susie Miles, Born December 11th will be  sm1211


    Scholastic--20 Days of Cool Stuff  --  Go here for some really cool reading, videos, and projects.  You'll like it!  No registration needed!! 

                                            a)  Day 3:  Video Field Trip--The American Revolution


    Top Ten Movies

     Typing Club ---- Get better at typing without looking at the keyboard!

     5th Grade -- Science 

     4th Grade -- Science 


    Benchmark Advance (Reading) --- Here are a couple of links for the Unit:  Conflicts that Shaped A Nation.

    5th Grade:  https://bubba-production.benchmarkuniverse.com/google/sausdus/X31118


    4th Grade:    Introduction to Unit 9: Resources