Welcome to RCA 2020/21

    Hello Students,
    I am really excited to be teaching Social Studies, Language, and Language Arts Support at RCA this year! However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the RCA campus will remain on a Distance Learning Program until it is safe to return to campus.
    Every student MUST log into Google Classroom to participate in our virtual classroom on a daily basis. Attendance WILL be taken EVERY PERIOD and is a part of your grade. Below is your daily class schedule. 
    Student Schedule
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    8:00-9:20 Period 1 Period 2
    8:00-8:40 Period 1
    8:45-9:25 Period 2
    9:30-10:10 Period 3
    10:15-10:55 Period 4
    11:00-11:40 Period 5
    11:45-12:25 Period 6
    Period 1 Period 2
    9:25-10:45 Period 3 Period 4 Period 3 Period 4
    10:50-12:10 Period 5 Period 6 Period 5 Period 6
    12:15-1:30 LUNCH BREAK 12:25-1:20 Lunch LUNCH BREAK
    1:30-2:16 Office Hours Office Hours 1:20 - 1:30 Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours
    Below are you Google Classroom Codes. Please join our classroom at your scheduled class time beginning August 17, 2020. 
    Google Classroom Codes
    P1 Language Arts 6: pznpndi
    P2 Social Science 6: mfcoa5d
    P4 Language Arts Support 7/8: c5olowp
    P5 Language Arts 6: ogfiyqs
    P6 Social Science 6: mqiji74
    If you need help joining Google Classroom, you can view the video link:
    Please e-mail me at traci.pedersen@sausd.us if you have any questions regarding how to sign in to Google Classroom or your assignments.
    I am looking forward to meeting all of you.
    Stay healthy,
    Ms. Pedersen