• Elisa Morris
    Mild/Moderate non-categorical,
    Special Education
    • Educational Background
      • Degrees in Psychology and Early Childhood Education
      • Credential in Special Education Early Childhood
      • Masters Degree in Education
    • Since I was 15 I have worked in some capacity with children ages birth through High School. It is what I have always wanted to do. My interest has always been early childhood (birth – five). I have worked in general education preschool classrooms, afterschool programs, public health and two years of work with the Down syndrome Foundation in their Learning Program before coming to SAUSD.
    • I love my job and the opportunity to work with young children and their families to support learning in and out of the classroom. I teach a non-categorical special education preschool class at Heroes Elementary School. The classroom is designed to allow children practice in making choices, and free exploration. Opportunities for artistic expression and creative play are part of the daily experience.
    In my spare time Ilove traveling with my husband, spending time with family & friends, bakingand scrapbooking.